You want to make payments and manage your policy at your convenience, not ours. We get that. We also understand that not one size – or one way – fits all. 

Pay by Automatic Withdrawal

Enroll in our automatic payment plan for peace-of-mind, no worries payments

Enroll online

Pay Online

Whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can pay online anywhere, any time.

Policies numbers that do NOT contain the letter “Z” or account numbers that do NOT begin with the number “6,” please click here to be redirected to Paymentus to complete you online payment.

All other policies, follow this link.  

Pay by Phone

Call Paymentus at 855-329-5686 to make credit card or EFT payments. EFT payments can also be made by calling 262-798-5050, ext. 2906. 

Please have your billing account number, billing address and ZIP code available, along with your credit card or banking information.

Pay by Mail

Workers' Compensation and Businessowners policies

Please send your payment with the remittance stub to:

Partners Mutual Insurance
P.O. Box 14528
Des Moines, IA 50306-3528 

If you do not have your remittance stub or your account is in pending cancellation status, please send your payment to:

Direct Bill Services
Partners Mutual Insurance
PO Box 2257
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2257

All Other Policies 

Please send your payment with remittance stub to:

Partners Mutual Insurance
P.O. Box 673020
Chicago, IL 60695-3020

Mortgagee-billed Policies

Please remit to:

Partners Mutual Insurance
P.O Box 2003
Milwaukee, WI 53201-9810